Saturday, November 7, 2009

It has begun!

It has begun, the fun of spending time at the school with the principal. Days of In school Suspension. Threats of pending arrests.... Yep, this week it all began... With any luck this will be the first and last week, but, I fear not. On Wednesday, the school called to tell me that Quinton called someone an F'n Fag (full use of the words of course) The coach agreed to let me take care of it, and he would not put it on his permanent record. I promised to handle it and Q and I had a long talk about worrying what other kids think.

On Thursday, I called home to tell the boys I would have to work late. Zachary told me that Quinton Paralyzed someone at school. He was hysterical, telling me the story of Quinton throwing his backpack at someone and he fell and ended up paralyzed.

Next, I checked my voicemail to find a message from the principal stating that I need to get right to the school to pick Quinton up, as he had been involved in an altercation.

Quinton was running with a friend who apparently was winning the race. Quinton scooted his backpack towards his pal and tripped him. The boy has a small tear in his achilles tendon (we know this because we went to the ER to see him)

The principal and I met the next day and we discussed the options, Quinton could have been arrested and charged with malicious horseplay or something like that.... Luckily all agreed it was an accident and Quinton ended up with 3 days in school suspension....

I truly hope this was isolated, I truly fear that it was not!