Friday, June 18, 2010

Hey, you like kids?

This one came from a friend's 4 year old son today:

We were at the pool and sitting by the life guard table, chatting with some of the life guards when another walks up and points out a strange man and say's something like, "isn't that the guy who wasnt allowed in here last year?" After some discussion, the life guards agreed that this may be a pedophile who was banned from the pool last year....

Mind you, the guy was sitting on a beach chair in full clothes and boots and a reflective vest for his bike, he had no intention of swimming.

As we were exiting the pool, we discovered the man's bike right outside the gait. My friend and I, nosy and concerned looked at the bike and found that he had not only his name but also his address on his bike. (The lifeguards were still investigating)

My friend and I went closer to the bike to get the address so we could look him up on the sex offender website.....

Meanwhile, I think the man is becoming suspicious and starts towards the pool exit and his bike, we walk a distance away as not to look too obvious....

The man investigates his bike and my friend's son puts his hands on his hips, looks the man right in the face and says "Hey, you like kids???"

OMG, we all walked away quickly, sort of horrified, sort of hysterical...

Hopefully, the lifeguards sorted it out, but we decided it was our time to butt out!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Note to self: do not eat taco bell, before or during a 17 hour road trip with three boys! Nuff said!